Schaffer Fine Art Services, Inc. employs broad experience and expertise.

Our services are highly professional and always high-quality. We specialize in designing displays to best showcase, preserve, and protect fine art.

Installation and Fine Art Handling Services:

We are well respected and trusted to install museum exhibitions in many art institutions located in Minneapolis and Saint Paul and throughout Minnesota. As professional fine art preparators who understand best museum practices, we can also assist with fine art placement for homes and business and public spaces. We enjoy handling private collections and corporate collections alike.


Picture Framing and Mount Making for the Display of Fine Art:

Our standard motto is to design according to the needs of the each object and exhibition. At Schaffer Fine Art Services we focus entirely on museum-quality framing. The same level of craftsmanship and understanding is found in our display mounts for objects. We are well versed in an array of materials; wood, metal, fabric, acrylic, and finishes. Our methods are reversible designed to maintain the original condition of your fine art. We have experience with a wide variety of fine art media and welcome each new challenge into our craftsman shop.


Exhibition Display Cases and Pedestals:

We are very capable of design build projects involving whole gallery installations that perfectly suit your needs and that of the artwork on display. No project is too small, we very much enjoy working with individual objects. With years of experience informing our design process, we can create custom cases with our own designs or build to your design specifications. 


Packing, Unpacking, and Crating Services:

Estimates are always provided before the work begins, and site visits are recommended and necessary to secure an accurate quote. Our facility uses a traveling crate design, always made of high-quality materials, and designed specifically for high-value fine art shipments and traveling museum exhibitions. With custom-made interiors which insulate, cushion, and protect, our design also informs the user how to transport, pack, and unpack the rigid container safely. We can bring prefabricated crates to your location and load on-site, or professionally soft pack your artwork for transport to our secure storage facility where crating services can be implemented. 


Documentation and Registration: 

These services help to guarantee that care control and custody of your property is maintained for your records.  A survey of the condition and documentation of movement demonstrate proof of proper care for your fine art. 


Fine Art Shipping and Transportation:

Lower 48 USA destinations can be reached with our dual-driver fine art shuttles, specially equipped for safety and security. With your permission, we consolidate your items into multi-client shuttle routes to provide you with the most competitive rate of service. Exclusive use shuttles can be scheduled and are a highly direct and private option.  We take care to transport fine art according to your schedule and best driving conditions. 


Climate-Controlled Art Storage:

Schaffer Fine Art Services has both long term and short term HVAC controlled storage for fine art. Our space has controlled access within a larger secure area, systematically monitored 365/24/7.


Estimates and Site Visits: 

Site visits are usually brief meetings, but can also last several hours or even full days, dependent on scale of project. The intended result is to directly offer our experience to provide the best approach to your fine art project, and to assess and provide an accurate estimate.