Schaffer Fine Art Services, Inc. was founded by Charles Schaffer in 1990.  Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, SFAS handles projects both locally and throughout the United States.  We are well respected in the museum community for our dedication to detail and extensive knowledge of fine art preparation and handling. 


Charles Schaffer has over 30 years of experience providing fine art services for museums, corporations and private collections. He creates beautiful, minimal, archival presentations for contemporary art and historic artifacts alike.  He is an expert in technical planning and fabrication and a master craftsman and designer. Charles and his team are trusted to handle a full range of fine art services from exhibit planning to preparation, from packing, transportation and storage to installation, documentation and registration.

Rebekah Njaa is a graduate of the Textile Conservation and Restoration program at Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro in Florence, Italy.  She has over 20 years of experience working in museum conservation labs, exhibit preparation and documentation.  She has worked for the Goldstein Museum of Design, Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Science Museum of Minnesota and the Smithsonian Institution.  Rebekah's expertise in archival textile preparation, handling, storage and display brought her to Schaffer Fine Art Services in 1997.  She is the registrar and project manager for company projects.


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